At InFlow, our memberships are a cornerstone of our offerings, providing a fantastic way to save money through discounts on a wide range of experiences and services.
Our memberships are split into three tiers: Tantalus, Mamquam and Stawamus, each offering unique benefits that quickly pay for themselves when you take advantage of the discounts throughout the year, as many times as you want*.
We are constantly enhancing our memberships by adding new perks, ensuring that you get even more value over time. You have the option to continue your membership after a year, and as we introduce more perks, the membership cost may increase. However, the price you initially paid will remain the same for as long as you continue to renew your membership year after year.
*Land sauna hours are total for the year. Certified sailing courses discount is the total you can use in the year. 
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All discounts can be used throughout the year. We'll continue to add membership perks and you'll be informed via email.

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